How Do I Deal with the Negative Emotions Healing Body Shame Brings Up?

July 26, 2017

Dr Mary answers a listener question about ways to deal with and heal the negative emotions that often accompany the healing journey. You can download her free gift here:


The Power of Writing a Love Letter to Your Body

July 19, 2017

Dr. Mary answers listener questions about how to write a love letter to your body when you can't think of anything positive to say and why this type of activity is so powerful.


How Do I Help a Loved One Who Has Body Image Issues?

July 12, 2017

Dr Mary answers listener questions about how to know when you should be worried and how to help a loved one who is struggling with body image issues.


How to Meet Your Body Love Goals

July 5, 2017

Life happens; we get sidetracked. In today's episode, Dr. Mary gives you her 2 crucial steps to making your body love goals a reality.


Celebrating How Far You’ve Come

June 28, 2017

Dr. Mary encourages you to celebrate your body love accomplishments thus far this year and helps you set body love goals for the rest of the year